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Argosy strives to create an equal, balanced and cooperative working environment where our employees can continuously develop their skills and use their talents while building their careers. If you are a person who have proactive attitude with willingness to face challenges, we are looking forward to speaking to you.
Argosy respects labor rights: freely chosen employment, freedom of association, prohibition of use child labor, protect the rights and health of female labors, non-discrimination, prohibition of inhumane treatment, and both wages and benefits comply with all applicable laws.

• Employee stock-sharing plan,
• Marriage, funeral, and baby bonuses
• Annual year-end celebration plus year-end bonus, and profit sharing bonuses
• Labor and health insurance plus full-term group insurance
• Annual nationwide and worldwide trips
• Comprehensive pension plan
• Three national holidays bonuses and employees birthday bonuses
• Scholarships for employees’ children
• Further education, training, and tuition reimbursement
• Two days off per week
• Employee restaurant, library and recreational facilities
• Annual salary incentive pay

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