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Aiming to be a top quality solution provider, Argosy has been focusing on innovation and applications in operational excellence. Backed up by our global presence, RD capability and systematic workflow, we are capable to provide value-added products with superior quality and offer customized solutions to fulfill our customers’ expectations and specifications.
Realizing that capability in technology is simply a part of the puzzle to becoming a trusted source, Argosy will keep optimizing quality of service based on ongoing improvements in its collaborative flexibility, support responsiveness, and integrated capability to give its customers utmost care and service.
Argosy profile
Argosy Research Inc is a research-centered company specializing in design and manufacture of storage and mobile technology products. Established in 1987, Argosy became public in 2004. Our innovative thoughts and our proactive approaches have propelled us to the forefront of the industry. Headquartered in Taiwan, Argosy has three subsidiaries in the USA, Europe, and China to provide solid regional support and efficient service. Our profound expertise, experienced engineering team and global logistic network has turned us to be a trustable partner to many world class companies.
Argosy’s solutions are marketed worldwide under the Argosy brand and are also offered as OEM/ODM products by well-known companies around the world. Argosy is an OEM/ODM total solution provider. As a result, our team focuses on customers’ requirements and fulfills them at all times.
Since 2009, Argosy has extended its operational market into the components field.
There are now two business units under Argosy’s operation: the original System Business Unit (SBU), and the new Component Business Unit (CBU). SBU has developed a completed line of digital media players and now offers surveillance and digital signage solutions. CBU, through the merging with Linktek Co., specializes in the design and manufacturing of connectors, which are widely used in the computer, consumer electronics, mobile, and telecommunication markets today.
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